Canoe Colorado

Two nights camped on Shoshone Lake.  Limit 8 people.  Possible hike to the Lone Star Geyser Basin.  The group must attend a bear talk together on the 8th.  All paddlers must be self sufficient and be prepared for all weather conditions.  Due to the sharp rocks in the Lewis river, closed footwear is advised.  Be prepared to pull your boat upriver for up to two miles to Shoshone Lake.  Early start on the 9th and 11th due to possible high winds.  We will paddle all the way to the campsite the first day and all the way out the last day.  Shoshone is a very large lake, be prepared to cross open water.  We scored one of the few campsites on a bluff with a great view, a very basic toilet and access to hiking.  Bear storage mandatory.  Wyoming invasive species decal required, along with a Yellowstone boat pass.

We may be in Wyoming all week and will decide what additional paddling we may do do closer to the trip.  Some trips may require either a self or hired shuttle.  Attendees may paddle all or part of the week. 

August 9 - 10 - Lewis Lake, Lewis River, Shoshone Lake, Wyoming

Escalante to Westwater, one night.  We will camp downriver of Escalante Canyon; Saturday will be a long day.  Length restrictions apply; no more than two people per canoe.  BLM approved toilet system required.    Early start Sunday morning due to possible high winds.   We will run our own shuttle if there are two or more vehicles or hire a shuttle if not.  All paddlers will share in the shuttle cost. 

Trip Schedule for 2018

Minimum length restrictions may apply; 15' for solo boats, 17' for tandem boats.  We have found that shorter boats are not as efficient and may not be able to keep up.  Please contact us for details.  Paddlers must be self-sufficient on all trips. We generally paddle 15 - 20 miles per day on overnight trips.  Due to possible wind, we are on the water early.  In order to allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors, we do not have campfires.  A BLM approved waste system may be required.  Permit and shuttle costs are shared between all paddlers.    


Some states require an invasive species inspection and/or sticker.  Please be sure to obtain any necessary permits prior to launching. Information can be found online.

June 10 - 16 or 17th, 2018 - Missouri River, Montana - 148 miles, Class I.  Meet at James Kipp (takeout) early Saturday morning, June 9th to unload boats and gear.  We will do a front end shuttle - our outfitter will drive us and our gear to the put in at Ft. Benton, where we will start the trip, possibly that afternoon.  All participants will split the cost of the shuttle, which is approximately $375 plus $10 per boat.  There is an additional $4 per day from Coal Banks to James Kipp.  Bring a check ( they don't take cash) to pay at the self- registration box at Coal Banks.  Minimum length restrictions apply - 15' for solo boats; 17' for tandem boats.  Canoes and kayaks only.   


 Please let us know by May 30th if you will be joining us as we need to send in a deposit.  Limited to eight paddlers.  


Early starts daily are necessary due to possible wind later in the day.  BLM approved toilet system required, must be self sufficient.  Plan on bringing enough water for the trip as it is only available at a few locations and the water isn't good for filtering.  Plan for a variety of weather conditions and be able to paddle approximately 25 miles a day.  Don't forget the sunscreen, bug spray and a good hat.  We do not have campfires as they scar the land.  No pets.  River maps are available online through the BLM.  If you will be driving through Wyoming, you will need to stop at every inspection station.  AIS permits/stickers are not required on the Missouri.  This is a beautiful river!   

October 13 - 14, 2018 - Gunnison River - Escalante to Whitewater - 28 miles, Class I+ - Rescheduled due to weather forecast.