September 15 - 21 - Green River, UT - Crystal Geyser to Spanish Bottom - 120 miles - Class I

Minimum length restrictions may apply; 15' for solo boats, 17' for tandem boats.  We have found that shorter boats are not as efficient and may not be able to keep up.  Kayaks are welcome on all our trips.  Paddlers must be self-sufficient on all trips. We generally paddle 15 - 20 miles per day on overnight trips.  Due to possible wind, we are on the water early.  In order to allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors and the night sky, we generally do not have campfires.  Pets are not allowed on our trips.  A BLM approved waste system may be required.  Permit and shuttle costs are shared between all paddlers unless reservations are made separately.    


Some states require an invasive species inspection and/or sticker.  A backcountry permit may also be required.  Please be sure to obtain any necessary permits prior to launching.  Information for each state, river, park, etc. can be found online.

Scenic stretch of the river, crosses the Oregon Trail.  There is one rapid the second day that can be portaged.  Early start due to possible Wyoming winds.  You must purchase a Wyoming Invasive Species sticker and be prepared to stop at all inspection stations.

The We have not paddled this river so it will be an exploratory trip.   This looks like a very scenic river with good camping.  We will be bringing a small dog.  


We will put in at Crystal Lake (in Corvallis) Tuesday morning and take out at Rogers Landing (river mile 51.75 near Newborn) on Saturday.  We hired a shuttle service.  The cost was $150 per vehicle.   


An Oregon AIS tag was required.  The pass is $10 for two years.  Additional information and guidebooks can be found at 


July 16 - 21 - Upper Willamette River, Oregon - approximately 83 miles, Class I

June 22 - 23 - N. Platte River, Saratoga, Wyoming to I-80 - 48 Miles, Class I.   Cancelled due to adverse weather forecast and high water.  We will try again later in the season

Spectacular scenery, great camping.  Half of the trip will be through Canyonlands National Park so a backcountry river permit is needed in addition to hiring the shuttle.  We are using Tex's Riverways to drop us off and run us back to Moab on their jet boat.  We will paddle approximately 20 miles a day, but this will depend on where camping is available, weather conditions and the flow.  Be prepared for possible long days.  Early starts in the morning due to possible high winds.  Be prepared for hot sun, wind, and thunderstorms.  Plan on carrying enough drinking water for the entire trip as the silty water will clog filters.  You will need either an approved toilet system or you can rent a toilet from Tex for $50.00.    

If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible for additional information.  The week we selected is one of the most popular and fills up quickly.  Note - this is not an RMCC trip.      

October 5 - 6, 2019 - Gunnison River - Escalante to Whitewater - 28 miles, Class I+ 

Canoe Colorado

Trip Schedule for 2019

Escalante to Westwater, one night.  We will camp downriver of Dominguez Canyon; Saturday will be a long day; be prepared to paddle 20 miles and for possible high winds.  Early start Sunday morning so that we are off the river no later than 11:00.  Length restrictions apply; no more than two people per canoe.  BLM approved toilet system required.  We will run our own shuttle if there are two or more vehicles or hire a shuttle if not.  All paddlers will share in the shuttle cost.  Please let us know if you will be joining us.