June 27 - 28, 2020 - N. Platte River, Saratoga, Wyoming to I-80 - 48 Miles, Class I.

Minimum length restrictions may apply; 15' for solo boats, 17' for tandem boats.  We have found that shorter boats are not as efficient and may not be able to keep up.  Kayaks are welcome on all our trips.  Paddlers must be self-sufficient on all trips. We generally paddle 15 - 20 miles per day on overnight trips.  Due to possible wind, we are on the water early.  In order to allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors and the night sky, we generally do not have campfires.  Pets are not allowed on our trips.  A BLM approved waste system may be required.  Permit and shuttle costs are shared between all paddlers unless reservations are made separately.    


Some states require an invasive species inspection and/or sticker.  A backcountry permit may also be required.  Please be sure to obtain any necessary permits prior to launching.  Information for each state, river, park, etc. can be found online.

Trip Schedule for 2020

September 26 - 27, 2020 - Gunnison River - Escalante to Whitewater - 28 miles, Class I+ 

‚ÄčCanoe Colorado

Middle of October, 2020 - Current River, Missouri - 90 Miles, Class 1

Minimum 300 CFS needed.  Meet at the Highway 7 park on the east side of the bridge.  Be ready to run shuttle at 9AM.   No length restrictions, float bags are suggested.    Be prepared for cold water.  Two portages; second may be run if conditions allow.  Snack break at the second portage.  

Escalante to Westwater, one night.  We will camp downriver of Dominguez Canyon; Saturday will be a long day; be prepared to paddle 20 miles and for possible high winds.  Early start Sunday morning so that we are off the river no later than 11:00.  Length restrictions apply; no more than two people per canoe.  BLM approved toilet system required.  We will run our own shuttle if there are two or more vehicles or hire a shuttle if not.  All paddlers will share in the shuttle cost.  

August 9 - 15, 2020 - Sections of the Snake River in Idaho and Wyoming near Grand Teton

We are trying to time this to catch the fall color and will have definite dates the middle of March.  

Scenic stretch of the river, crosses the Oregon Trail.  There is one rapid the second day that can be portaged.  Early start due to possible Wyoming winds.  You must purchase a Wyoming Invasive Species sticker and be prepared to stop at all inspection stations.  Note - this trip will be cancelled if the CFS is under 700 or due to high winds.

May 2, 2020 - S. Platte River, Brighton to Ft. Lipton - 9 Miles, Class I

Two nights on the Snake below Palisade Dam in Idaho, Jackson Dam to Deadman's Bar in Grand eton and South Park to West Table Creek south of Jackson.  Possible day paddles on Jackson Lake, String and Leigh Lake and Yellowstone Lake.  Car camping In Coulter Bay if there is room; otherwise we will camp at Gros Venture except for the two day trip below Palisade Dam.  Grand Teton and Yellowstone each require their own AIS inspection and boat pass in addition to the State of Wyoming pass.  Length restrictions apply, float bags required on the rivers.