Gear for River Tripping

Tent / extra stakes

Sleeping bag / pad

Dry bags

Bow/stern lines

Bilge pump / sponge

Floatation bags / air pump

Throw bag

Spare paddle

Biodegradable soap / bug spray / sunscreen 

BLM approved toilet system

1st Aid kit


12' Paddled Straps

   Bilge Pumps

Fire Pans

 BLM  Approved toilets

        Floatation Bags 





        MTI   PFD's

        Reflex             16.4# flotation

          Slip Stream    16.5#

          Play                 16.5#

          Big Buoy         26#



       Aqua Bound

       Bending Branches


D Rings, Webbing, Knee Pads & Skid Plates

30L & 60L Blue Barrels 


Rain gear

Sun / rain hat

Invasive species sticker where required

Sun glasses / Croakies

Lawn chair

Head lamp / lantern

Boat repair kit

Fire pan / blanket where required

Kitchen gear / food

Drinking water

Bear barrel / spray

We have found that including the following items may make your overnight trip more enjoyable.  You may want to customize the list for your own needs.

Barrel Pumps 

10 Mil Hull Guard for bow & stern protection


NRS Boundary Boots (Neoprene waterproof 15" boots)


        Paddle Boy Carts 


Canoe Colorado

Paddling Books

    Seat Pads


 Spray Skirts


Hood Loops